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Voice on Radio

Broadcasting the LOVE of GOD

P roject VOICE ON RADIO is the name for the Internet radio ministry by Living Voice Ministries Inc. Under this project we are running 2 internet radios, one in English language and another in Malayalam (An Indian language). The English radio is named The Living Voice Radio and the name for the Malayalam radio is Living Voice Online Radio.

Word of God – All Day and All Night

The purpose of the project VOICE ON RADIO is to sow the seeds of the Word of God in the hearts of multitudes by means of Gospel Messages and devotional songs and not just playing looped audio playlists of songs. The operational model for these radios will be 24/7 free devotional songs with frequent and intermittent short Biblical messages just like commercial breaks in a regular TV or Radio. God just needs a moment to talk to you or impact you.

Powered by YOU

Both radios are developed in the concept of what we call as Community Radios, where the Christian community would play the major role in the contents being broadcast. Living Voice Radios invites home recorded messages from anyone who has got a God given message in their heart or broadcast quality songs which does not violate copy right rules.

Identify your calling! Be a Radio Evangelist with no effort!!

You need not be a Pastor or Ordained Evangelist to become a Radio preacher in Living Voice.  Since anyone with an inspired message can potentially become a preacher in Living Voice, a normal believer who might be otherwise intimidated by live audience could well be an Evangelist through Living Voice Radios. This will be a right opportunity for those who got a God given message but are not able to communicate it either because of stage fear or because of lack of stage/audience.

Living Voice Online (In Malayalam)

The Living Voice (In English)