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Selfless Love

In the Northern part of Thailand all were awaiting to welcome the New Year with great pomp and rejoice, Charles Nicholson was greatly disturbed, he stood staring at the beautiful sky. His villa was well shining with lamps and other arrangements. He was well accomplished but lack peace of mind. What had happened to me? What makes me sad? He began to think looking around; suddenly his eyes caught the sight of the kids playing in the streets watching them slowly he slipped to his childhood memories.

He was born to Whales Nicholson and Jane Nicholson. His father was a photographer working in his own studio. He was grown up under his father’s care sine his mother died giving birth to him. He recognized that his colorful youth was the gift of his father. Being a child he was very naughty. For him home studio everything was a play ground. This playful manner of him often spoiled his father’s works but out of his love towards him he never tasted the pain of a slap. Charles Nicholson who exploited the patience of his father became naughtier day by day challenging his love and patience.

One day after returning from his playschool he was brought to the studio by his father, after reaching the studio as usual he began his kidding whereas his father was busy with some urgent album works. Without recognizing its seriousness he irritated his father by pulling the photos. Just from the usual way of patting him today, his father acted indifferent. He gave him a beating and pushed him aside. His unusual act provoked him; he kicked the ball up to show his anger towards his father’s act. The ball went up and hit an acid bottle and it fall upon his face. By the force of the hit, the bottle broke up and acid fell into his eyes.

He was soon taken to hospital by his father but everything was in vain the boy lost his eyesight. Father who was in pain after hearing this decided to donate his eyes to his son even tough he knew the fact that for a photographer his eyes and camera are important. But out of love his towards the son he gave him his eyes and became a street singer to earn their living.  In spite of all these circumstances he made no compromise in educating him. He sold his studio, camera and other assets except the house they lived for to educate his son. After that he gave him an advice “to see everything good and Godly with his eyes as he did”.

But the boy never listened to the words of his father; he turned to the worldly pleasures and got transformed into a worldly man. He in his thirst for worldly pleasures left his father and his home town Australia. He reached Northern Thailand being a part of a reputed company. There he enjoyed with his friends sharing drinks, drugs and spending money. In the midst of all these enjoyments he never thought of his father who sacrificed everything for him; he was left alone in his old age and now in this New Year Eve Charles realized his mistake and recognized that it was a greater loss.

He determined in his mind. I will arise and move to my hometown where my lovely father lives. He soon left to Australia with out thinking of anything and somehow reached besides his father who was at the verge of death. Charles was greatly moved by the shabby appearance of his father and the unhygienic set up in which he was residing. His father has become so lean and was really suffering hard to get up. He knelt down before him and made a long confession. He found it hard to attain self control. Tears began to roll down his father’s cheek too. His lovely skinny hand came embracing his son. In great pleasure he hugged and consoled him. Once again he uttered those words “see everything good and Godly with my eyes as I did”. This was his last words. Greatly moved by the death of his father Charles Nicholson decided to lead a God centered life as his father wished.

“Friends, this is what our heavenly father too expects from all of us to see everything good and Godly with our eyes and to do the best for him”.

God's Word Says..

Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.

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