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Br. Sam Thomas Malayil

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Become a missionary from the comfort of your home.. You could work for the Lord even if you are not able to go out into the field!

Can’t face an audience? Preach to yourself and send to us!

Do you have a God-given message but are intimidated by audiences?  Or you don’t seem to get the audience to deliver the message? Living Voice Radios are here to support you. Just record your message from the comfort of your couch, using your smartphone or tablet or computer, and send to us using the upload page here, and we will broadcast your voice in our radios, provided it is of minimum broadcast quality, short and does not contradict our statements of belief. Note: Please email us for detailed instructions on how to record these messages and the guidelines for approval in Living Voice radios.

Can’t Preach? Share!

Do you think you are not in a position to preach the Word of God right now? You still can win souls for Christ by spreading the word about the ministries that do! Through your social media, your email, your casual talk with others you could share the Joy in Christ by introducing the sources of Gospel to your friends or the public!

Share the links for Living Voice Radios (www.LivingVoiceOnline.com, www.TheLivingVoice.NET) or the links for LOGOS, the Living Voice Ministries Gospel Blog (www.LivingVoice.In) or the link for this website (www.LivingVoiceMinistries.ORG)

Can’t Go? Send!

As of now, we do not accept public donations on this website. However, if God gives you a burden to send missionaries to the unreached, feel free to contact us and we will connect you to the right ministry that could use your donation.

Can’t Spend? Pray!

The most valuable contribution to our ministry is your prayer! Please remember this ministry in your daily prayers and request your prayer buddies to do the same.  Behind the success of any missionary work, there is an army of prayer warriors who fight behind the scenes on their knees.

God's Word Says..

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

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